Moving out of state or across the country? Cheap Movers Riverside can help you find a reputable moving company that is skilled and experienced in relocating you from the Riverside, California metropolitan area to anywhere else in the United States!

A long-distance move can present you with challenges far beyond the normal hassles of moving across town or down the street. If you have chosen to move out of the area to a new city or state, there is much more at stake. You are probably contending with preparing for a new job, counseling your children for adjustment to the new area, and you probably have little-to-no idea about the place you are moving to. You’ve probably done some research online or maybe even have a family member or friend in the area, but let’s face it – there are tons of unforeseen issues that can arise when moving to a new state that go well beyond the move itself. With everything on your plate, you owe it to yourself to hire a long distance moving company to ease your transition.

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Cross Country Moving Services

Whether you are moving to or from the Riverside, CA area, Cheap Movers Riverside can help you find cross-country relocation companies that are licensed with the US Department of Transportation and insured according to the federal and state requirements. We work with these top-rated and vetted companies to provide you with multiple quotes for your out-of-town move, allowing you to take the stress out of the moving process so that you can focus on the things you need to be worried about when moving out of town or across the country.

Our moving partners provide the following moving services:

  • Apartment & home moving: If you are moving to a new out-of-town home, you are likely presented with the same issues you would have with a local move, only amplified. Hiring a professional mover to haul your goods from one town to the next ensures that your valuables arrive on-time and in the same shape that they left your old home in. The companies that we provide you quotes from are experienced with long-distance moves and understand that some items are irreplaceable. They do their best to treat your belongings with care!
  • Office relocation: If you are responsible for coordinating the move of your office to a new out-of-area location, you understand that this can be a headache and a half. Cheap Movers Riverside can link you with office relocation specialists that understand deadlines and logistics associated with moving to a new headquarters or opening a new branch in another city. This will allow you to get the move taken care of with as little downtime as possible. We understand that each day you are closed due to moving is money your business is losing, so we only work with expert movers that keep downtime to a minimum, allowing you to keep important commitments to your employees and clients alike.
  • Furniture moves: When it comes to moving furniture long distances, the moving companies we work with are professionally skilled in how to handle large pieces without damaging them. Whether you’re moving a dining table and chairs, a matching bedroom set, or an oversized sectional, these movers can ensure your furniture relocation is a success.
  • Piano moving: Moving a piano is one of the most difficult tasks you can encounter. If you’ve ever faced this struggle on your own before, you know that dealing with this instrument alone is enough reason to hire a professional. We can provide you with quotes for companies that specialize in moving large and expensive pieces without risk of damaging your treasured instrument.
  • Storage: Perhaps you will arrive in your new locale before your new home is move-in ready. In this case, utilizing a logistics expert that offers storage for your belongings is the way to go. We can connect you with a moving and storage company who can bundle your moving services and storage needs, in one reasonably priced package, making your relocation streamlined and stress-free.
  • Full-service moves: Your best bet for an interstate or cross-country move may just be to hire a company to perform a full-service move. In this case, we help to connect you with a company that offers all these services so that you simply provide directions and access and they do the rest, including packing and unpacking as well as loading, unloading, and even set-up of your new home or office according to your specifications.
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State-To-State Moving Tips

Moving out-of-state presents issues that most people don’t face with a local move. It is important to work with someone who understands all these concerns and who can help you to navigate any hurdles that may arise.

Make Sure Your Dates Line Up

As mentioned earlier, one of the most common issues that arises with out-of-town moves occurs when your new place is not ready by the time you must be out of the old one. In this case, you are going to need to make plans for temporary lodging and storage of your belongings until it is time to move into the new location.

Book Movers Early

Navigating a state-to-state move successfully means ample planning! Moving companies book quickly and far in advance, especially at the height of moving season (during the summer months). Make sure to schedule a moving company as soon as you iron out your relocation schedule. Take the time to research a few companies, double-checking their licensing and credentials, and requesting quotes. Cheap Movers Riverside can help you quickly locate and get free quotes from some of the best long distance moving companies in Riverside, CA.

Create A Budget

No matter how you’re handling your move, it’s prudent to make a budget a plan for moving-related costs, so the expense of the relocation doesn’t sneak up on you. Factor in the costs of hiring movers, gasoline/transportation to your destination, lodging, provisions, packing supplies, down payments, deposits, and anything else related to your move.

Pack Smart

Before you pull out the moving boxes and start packing, take time to think through what you’re taking with you. We tend to fill whatever space we’re living in, so chances are, you’ve accumulated a lot of things over the time you’ve lived in your current home. Take this opportunity to sort through your possessions, weeding out the items you no longer want or need. Donate things to your favorite local charity or use an online app to sell them. Decluttering now will enable you to slim down on your moving costs while keeping your new home clutter-free!

Pack Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. This part of the moving process almost always takes longer than one might think! The last thing you need is to still be throwing things in boxes when the movers arrive. By starting the packing process as early as 4-6 weeks prior to your move, you can ensure you have adequate time to pack things the right way – preventing damage to your belongings. Experts recommend starting with packing your most infrequently used items first – think games/puzzles, seasonal décor, outdoor/sports gear, special china. As you get closer to your moving date, you can begin packing items that you use on a more regular basis.

Take Inventory & Label Everything

As you load and seal each moving box, be sure to label it as well. On the label, include the room and a brief description of the box’s contents. For example, “Kitchen: pots and pans” or “Bathroom: toiletries and hair dryer,” would work. You may also want to create a home inventory to ensure that every box makes it to your new home. There are several apps (Sortly is one of our favorites), that make creating and keeping track of a home inventory a cinch.

Whatever your concerns, there is quite a bit to consider if you are making a long-distance move. You can rest assured that if you use one of the companies that we partner with, these logistics issues will turn from a hassle into smooth sailing for your next out-of-state relocation! Request free quotes when you contact us today!

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