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Local Moves

Moving in-town comes with its fair share of challenges. Our movers are ready to tackle whatever lies ahead!

Long Distance Moves

A professional relocation specialist can take the weight of a long distance move off your shoulders – literally!


Cheap Movers Riverside helps you find Riverside moving companies that also offer storage services.

Packing & Unpacking

Save yourself hours upon hours of trouble, by hiring a full-service mover to tackle your packing and unpacking.

Residential Moves

Getting settled into your new home is easy with the help of licensed residential movers from Cheap Movers Riverside.

Commercial Moving

When your business is facing a move to a new location, hiring a professional office moving company can help.

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Cheap Movers Riverside only works with the best moving companies in the Riverside metro area.  

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Maybe you are wary of leting strangers handle your prized possessions or maybe you want to sit back and have them do it all.

Whatever the scope of your move, our moving partners enable you to pick and choose the services you want. From hourly assistance to a full-service move, you choose the level of help that fits within your budget.


Expert Movers with Equipment Know-How

The professionals we work with are trained and equipped with the top tools of the trade – from moving straps to moving trucks.

These experienced pros have the knowledge and equipment needed to move everything from your most fragile dishware to your heaviest appliances. These top-rated movers understand the best way to pack, unpack, load, unload, and maneuver your precious belongings to minimize damage and reduce overall time spent moving.


Legitimate Movers with Licensing & Insurance

Cheap Movers Riverside makes sure that you only work with the best of the best, whether you are moving within the city or across the country.  

Before we send you any moving quotes, we make sure that the companies we request estimates from are licensed and insured. In CA, that means they have a license through the California Public Utilities Commission. If you’re moving out-of-state, your moving company will be licensed through the U.S. DOT.


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Start by filling out a quote form, then get free quotes back from our partner moving companies who work in your area. Work with your mover of choice to create a relocation package that’s customized to meet your needs. With services from packing, to crating, to storage, to logistics, Cheap Movers Riverside has you covered!

Eight Top Tips for Planning and Packing for Your Move

The place you’re living in now has lost its luster and you desperately need a change in scenery. You’re ready to move, right? Well, you may be ready to move out, but there’s still lots to do to prepare for moving day!


Here are eight helpful tips to help you prepare for a smooth transition.


1. Clear Out Your Clutter

If you are buried under and avalanche of junk when you open your closet door, you probably have too much clutter! Once you manage to pull yourself out, decide what you need and what needs to go from around the house. If you need extra money, have a garage sale or sell stuff online or through an app. Whatever it takes to get rid of your clutter, do it.


2. Organization

Everything has a place, right? If so, then make sure everything is in its place. Label boxes so that you will know what’s in every box without looking. Categorize by the room each object belongs in or perhaps a more specific classification like electronics, tools, utensils, toiletries, etc. The more detailed you are with labeling now, then the easier things will be when you start unpacking.


3. Choosing the Right Moving Company

We live in the Information Age, which means you should do lots of research before deciding on a moving company. Be sure to look for rates, experience, and customer ratings. Ratings and comments made by other consumers will let you know what kind of quality to expect. In short, be critical, because you don’t want just anyone moving your stuff.


When it comes to choosing a mover, Cheap Movers Riverside has already done a lot of the legwork for you. We make it straightforward to find a licensed, insured mover to handle your move. Start now to get a free quote!


4. Make A Checklist

When you have a lot of stuff that needs to be done before you can successfully move, a list is essential. It’s proven that lists will help you remember your necessary tasks. Plus, who doesn’t love checking items off once they’re complete?!


5. Pick the Best Day to Move

Before you ask if it matters, it does! It really does. Contact your movers at least one month in advance so that you can plan it out. Typically, weekends are an incredibly busy time for movers (because no one wants to move during the work week). This means that rates are inflated on weekend days. To avoid overpaying, schedule a day off and move mid-week.


6. Map Out the Route to Your New Home

Nowadays, there are plenty of appt to help you find the fastest route to your new home. If you’re moving locally, be sure to avoid roads that typically have a lot of traffic. If you’re moving far, plan out rest stops or overnight stays to break up the trip.


7. Check Stores for Boxes

Lots of stores have cardboard boxes they’re not using. Just ask around and get as many as you can for free. There’s no sense in buying what you can get for free. The grocery store, liquor store, and big box stores (like Target, Walmart, Costco) are great places to scope out free boxes.


8. Schedule Your Disconnects

Call your electric, water, internet and television companies at least a week before your move and plan out when you want everything shut off. Plan to transfer or start new service at your new home. Doing this step at the last minute can cause lots of confusion and stress, so think ahead!

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What to Know Before Moving to Riverside, CA

Located near Los Angeles, CA, Riverside is a beautiful community with lots to offer people, both personally and professionally. It is a very popular destination for newcomers, especially for young families just starting out. In fact, between 2010-2017, the population of Riverside grew by 7%. There are many reasons for the area’s growth, including the beautiful weather, proximity to both beaches and mountains, and its affordability. If you are thinking of moving to Riverside, CA, here are some important things to know before you relocate:


The Schools are Amazing

If you have children, you’ll be excited to know that Riverside offers highly ranked public and private schools. This includes elementary, middle, and high schools. The high rankings are based on test scores, available technology, and the advanced AP and STEM courses that are offered to students. If your kids decide to stay local for college, they can choose from the University of California Riverside, Riverside Community College, California Baptist University, and other fine institutions.


Housing is Affordable

The housing is affordable – for California, that is. In 2018, Zillow estimated the median home price in Riverside was $394,400. This works out to be about $239 per square foot, which is a steal compared to some of the other communities nearby. Many consider purchasing real estate in Riverside to be an investment, with home values rising 9% since 2017 and projected to keep going up.


The Weather is Pleasant

Since it is in Southern California, it can get warm in Riverside. That said, the average temperatures throughout the year range between 43° and 94° F. You do not have to worry about the temperatures hiking up above 103° F or dipping down below 43° F very often. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the fact that Riverside is…


Near Major Famous Attractions

Want to drive around L.A? See the Hollywood Hills? Visit Disneyland? You are just a car ride away when you live in Riverside. If you do not have children or are sneaking away for some adult time, you can easily go to Temecula for wine tasting or the San Bernardino Mountains for skiing and snowboarding. For many people that live here, the proximity to entertainment and outdoor activities is one of the biggest perks.


There are Good Government Jobs

There are many county and city careers in Riverside. More than 11,000 residents are employed by the county, and an additional 2,500 have full-time city jobs. Another large source of jobs in the area is in the field of education. The Riverside Unified School District employs roughly 5,500 people, as does the University of California Riverside.


It’s Easy to Get Around

Whether you prefer driving yourself or taking advantage of public transportation, it is easy to get around in Riverside. There are 3 major freeways that make it easy if you decide to commute for your job. The Riverside Transit Agency offers 36 different routes, helping you get just about anywhere you need to go. There is also a Metrolink system that is utilized by thousands of workers every day as they go to and from work.


As you plan your upcoming move, don’t forget to contact Cheap Riverside Movers. We’ll pair you with the perfect local or long distance moving company to suit your unique relocation needs.