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About Cheap Riverside Movers

Cheap Movers Riverside is not a moving company, but we do provide free moving quotes from multiple local movers so that your family or your company can comparison shop and save. We work with top-rated professional movers that have been vetted and verified prior to partnering with us. You can put your mind at ease that your cherished possessions will be taken care of throughout the moving process, without spending a small fortune!

Our Location

One reason that Cheap Movers Riverside stands out from the pack is that our partner companies know the Riverside metro area and the entire Inland Empire like the backs of their hands. Whether you are looking for a place near the explosion of growth around the University of California Riverside Campus and the 91 Interstate or if you have purchased one of the beautiful new luxury homes inside one of Riverside’s beautiful gated communities, both Riverside and San Bernardino offer California living at its best! We help you find local moving companies in the greater Riverside metro area to help you tackle your move, even if your relocation takes you out-of-town or to another state.

Our Services

We provide you with quotes from professional relocation specialists in the Riverside metro area that are licensed and insured. If the quotes fit your budget, you can proceed with booking your move with the best company for you. Our moving partners offer many different services, including apartment, condo, and house moving; office relocation; piano, appliance, and furniture moving; full-service moves; and on-site storage services. No job is too big or too small!

Top-Tier Moving Professionals

When you book your mover through Cheap Movers Riverside, you have the assurance that we’ve vetted your professional for licensing and insurance.

All the movers we work with are licensed by the appropriate regulatory agency. For out-of-town and interstate moves, moving companies must be registered with the FMCSA, a federal agency under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Transportation. All moving companies in California are licensed by the California Public Utilities Commission as well.

The companies that we partner with make their living through satisfied customers. That means that each company that we can connect you with strives for the best possible customer service in the industry, all the while treating your belongings with the same care and consideration that they would treat their own. You can rest assured that, if you hire a professional though Cheap Movers Riverside, you will have nothing but the best experience possible with your move. Your friends, family and your health will all scream a resounding “Thank You!” at the end of your smooth relocation.

Transparent Pricing

There are no hidden costs associated with our quotes – getting a moving quote is 100% free! The companies that we work with return price estimates based on your requested moving services. While fees for long distance moves are typically based on weight, the companies we work with typically offer hourly rates for local moves. This can save you a ton of money, especially if you hire the company for the move only and do the packing yourself. If you choose an hourly rate, since we only deal with honest vetted movers, you will not end up with a couple of shady guys with a box truck taking their sweet time trying to milk the clock. Rather, you will be charged a fair and competitive hourly rate for hardworking professionals that pride themselves in performing a great job – each time, every time!

Move easy. Move happy. Move with Cheap Riverside Movers.