So, it’s time to move from your current residence to a new place. You’re likely excited and anxious all at the same time, not knowing exactly what to expect once you get to your new home in your new neighborhood. Do you really want to deal with the added headaches that are associated with the actual moving of your belongings from one home to another?

Wondering whether you should bribe your close friends or relatives into moving your heavy furniture and multitudes of boxed belongings again? The hassle of renting a box truck, enlisting help, and making sure that you do not damage your belongings or home in the process is enough to make anyone consider hiring a professional moving company. Whether you are moving from within the Riverside, California metro or San Bernardino area or if you are moving to the area from another location across the United States, Cheap Movers Riverside can help connect you with quotes from qualified, affordable, insured, and licensed professional relocation services that can take the hassle out of moving and turn your dread into smooth sailing!

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Riverside’S Best Moving Services

By utilizing Cheap Movers Riverside to get a moving quote, you can expect to find professional movers in and around the Riverside, CA metro area that provide the following services for your next residential move:

  • Full-service moves: For most people, a full-service move is usually reserved for those who are moving long distances or out of state, due to the higher costs associated with this comprehensive service. However, the companies that we work with offer start-to-finish moving services no matter how big or how small the job happens to be. If your budget allows for it, having a licensed and insured professional complete the move in total, from packing your old home to setting up your new one, can come with obvious benefits. Perhaps the most important perk is, if anything at all is damaged along the way, it is covered for replacement through the company’s insurance. You do not get this benefit when packing up and moving possessions on your own. If you have a household full of expensive goods, you may want to consider a full-service move whether you are simply moving down the street or across the country.
  • Hourly moves (for in-town, local moves): The benefits of hiring a company that you pay by the hour can be great for those who are moving just across town. In this case, you pay by the hour instead of by the size of the job. Using the services of Cheap Movers Riverside to find a reputable moving service can ensure that you find an hourly mover that is honest about the amount of time it takes to complete the move, not a dishonest vendor that attempts to milk the clock in order to present you with a higher bill.
  • Packing and Crating: Do you know how to expertly pack your belongings to minimize any possibly damage in transit, while at the same time ensuring that all available space is utilized? Cheap Movers Riverside will provide you with quotes from several different companies in the Riverside area that have the technical know-how to make sure you take advantage of every bit of space available while also protecting your valuables from bumps in the road that could cause a load to shift, causing irreparable damage to invaluable items that you may not be able to replace.
  • Piano moves: Our partners also offer specialized professionals who understand that difficulties that can arise when moving heavy and expensive pianos. They also have all the equipment necessary to complete such a move without any effort from you, saving you a TON of hassle if you own a piano.
  • Loading and unloading: Whether purchased as a standalone service or as part of the whole package, having a qualified and experienced moving service load and unload your valuable belongings can ensure that you do not damage your home, or the item you are moving. Imagine moving out your last piece of heavy furniture from a rented apartment, condo, or house, only to turn at the wrong point in time, damaging the paint and wall. This simple mistake could cost you your security deposit, just because you wanted to save a few bucks going it alone. Using one of the experienced professionals that we can connect you with will prevent this unintended disaster from ever occurring!
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Home And Apartment Moving Checklist

So, besides the move itself, when it comes to a residential relocation, there are quite a few things to consider. Here are a few items to make sure you have on your moving checklist:

  • Pets: Do you have pets that need to be contained in a kennel during the move? If you are simple moving across town, this is not too big of an issue. However, if you are moving interstate or long distance, you need to consider care for your pet while in transit. Additionally, make sure you have a plan for pets on moving day. Having a pup underfoot could spell disaster for the movers or your pet!
  • Finish off your food: In the last week or two before your move, start eating what’s left in your fridge and cabinets instead of running to the grocery store. This will lighten your moving load while also preventing food waste.
  • Cleaning: Once the last piece of furniture is out the door, you can get busy cleaning your old place. The step is especially critical if you have a hefty security deposit outstanding. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, make sure you have a professional cleaner scheduled to tackle this to-do for you.
  • Move-out inspection: If you rented your last apartment, condo, or house, you need to make sure that you do a final move-out inspection, including photo/video with a timestamp, to document the condition of the residence as you leave. This will ensure that the landlord is unable to withhold your security deposit for damages that you did not cause.
  • Move-in inspection: Similar to the move-out inspection, when you move into a newly rented residence, you need to verify that any damage to your new home is well-documented so that the landlord does not attempt to stick you with the bill for any preexisting damage. Most landlords provide you with their own checklist when you sign a lease, but it is important to independently verify any issues you come across with photo/video evidence. With smartphones, this is no longer as much of an issue as it was in times past, but it is still important to be prudent in documenting any problems that exist at the time you take possession of your new home.
  • Transfer of utilities and cable/internet services: In order to ensure the least amount of interruption to your home routine as possible, make sure that you have the correct move-out and move-in dates from your old home to new residence. Provide this information to your electric, gas, cable, internet, and telephone providers as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to move into your new home only to realize that you do not have power! If you make the transfer request over the phone, make sure that you have the customer service representative read the dates to you aloud so that you confirm the process is complete and accurate. Always plan for contingencies, though, because things can and do go wrong, even with simple moves. For instance, plan to eat out for a couple of nights to a week at the most just in case there are any issues transferring your service.

Keep these tips in mind for a smoother move. Cheap Movers Riverside can help you make the moving process a breeze by connecting you with quotes to our reliable moving company partners. Then, you can focus on everything else that you need to concentrate on when making the move to your new home!

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