Moving your entire business from one location to another is a daunting and cumbersome task. As with any move, professional movers can be one of your greatest assets during this time of transition. Using an experienced commercial moving company allows you to focus more on keeping your business up and running, minimizing the impact of your move on your bottom line. Professional moving specialists can take care of all the overwhelming and stressful parts of the move, such as packing and logistics, while ensuring your peace of mind that everything will show up fast and efficiently.

If you are relocating your business to, from or within the Riverside, California metro area and need a professional, reliable, and experienced moving company, Cheap Movers Riverside is here for you! We help you find a trustworthy, licensed mover for an easier transition!

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Business Relocation Services

No matter where your business is moving, how big your office space is, or how complex your move, Cheap Movers Riverside helps you find services from trusted movers near you:

  • Local moves: The key to a successful local business move is to have the least amount of disruption to your business as possible during the process. At Cheap Movers Riverside, we can help you find knowledgeable moving professionals to streamline your move. Regardless of the type of workspace you are moving to, from a high rise to a retail shopping center, they’ll ensure your office move goes smoothly.
  • Long distance moves: If you are tasked with moving your company long distance, to or from Riverside, California, Cheap Movers Riverside can help find the best company to handle the moving logistics. We match you with licensed interstate moving companies to make sure the move is as hassle-free as possible from start-to-finish.
  • Storage: During a commercial move, you may find the need for either temporary or long-term storage. Whether you don’t have the space to bring everything to the new office or you’re just trying to declutter, Cheap Movers Riverside can help you find logistics and relocation specialists that also offer storage services. These companies have storage spaces that are well-lit and locked with on-site monitoring and climate-controlled technology to make sure all your business’s assets are safely stored and protected.
  • Specialty moves: There are many businesses with unusually shaped, large, and heavy equipment that proves tricky to move. If you need assistance moving bulky medical equipment or other oversized items, Cheap Movers Riverside will refer you to the best movers in the business. Our platform helps you find a moving company that is fully capable and equipped to move any of your specialty items without any hassle or worry on your end.
  • Corporate relocation: Cheap Movers Riverside can help you find the best movers to ensure your employees have a smooth move to their new homes. A corporate relocation package can play a critical role in employee acquisition and retention. Our moving partners offer corporate relocation services to ensure your employees are fresh and prepared to step into their next role.
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Tips For A Successful Commercial Relocation

Even if you hire movers, there are several ways you can contribute to a successful move!

1. Think Ahead.

Reducing downtime is key during your move. Having everyone on the same page can go a long way towards minimizing disruption to your core business during the relocation. Make employees are aware of the plan to move as soon as possible. This will allow your team the time needed to wrap up crucial projects, think through a new commute, and prepare for what lies ahead. Create a detailed, but realistic timeline to keep your entire office in the know, through every step of the process. More transparency means less anxiety for everyone involved!

2. Document The Plan.

Make a list of your goals and the things that need to get done in order to achieve them. Do you need someone to design a floorplan for your new space or a volunteer to make sure everyone’s personal effects are packed up on time? Delegate tasks to trusted and capable employees. Create an office relocation plan that details who is responsible for taking care of each aspect of the move. This helps guarantee that necessary tasks are completed in the time frame required.

3. Label!

Be very specific in labeling everything. Color coding can be a huge help. Your moving company should generate an inventory of your items, but it is also extremely important that you are aware of what items you’re moving with. Take pictures of everything you can, so that if an error is made, you can correct it with as little loss as possible.

4. Name A Moving Company Liaison

While everyone can chip in and contribute during moving week, it’s imperative to delegate an able employee to oversee the entire moving project. This person can work as a liaison between the moving company and the rest of the office – communicating critical details about the move. Having a single point person can reduce confusion and help make sure nothing slips between the cracks.

Our best tip is to find a reputable moving company to handle most of the move for you. Your team has enough to juggle with their existing workload, so leaving the logistics to trained professionals can reduce a lot of strain! Start your search for the ideal movers with Cheap Movers Riverside – your #1 source for reliable moving companies in Riverside, CA.

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