When you are trying to decide which of your items should go into storage, it is important that you do not feel overwhelmed. One of the reasons that you invested in a storage unit was to declutter your home. If you never get around to sorting your items, however, you won’t have a cleaner home. While it may be overwhelming to sort through your items, there are ways to ease the task. 

Here are some tips from local moving and storage companies that will help you when sorting through items before putting them in storage.  

Sort your items into piles  

When you start to sort your items into piles, you will have a much easier time deciding the importance of your stuff. The three piles that you should have are donated, recycle, and store. These piles will help you gauge if you have far too many things that you are trying to store in your unit.  

Figure out if there are any restrictions on items  

It is important to contact your storage unit to see if there are any restrictions on things that you can store in your unit. There may be things, like flammable chemicals, that you will have to store in your home or just get rid of. Making sure you know what you can’t store can help you avoid fees or issues with the storage company. 

Choose the right storage unit  

It is important to determine just how much of your stuff that you need to store. When you choose a certain size of storage unit, you will be able to determine how many of your things you will just have to get rid of. It is a good idea to choose your storage unit before you start sorting through your things. This will make the whole process go much more smoothly.  

Don’t use too many sizes of boxes when transporting your items  

When you are packing your items for storage, it is a good idea to only use one or two sizes of boxes. This will make it much easier for you when it comes time to put everything into storage. You will have a much easier time stacking and packing your things tightly when you use uniform-size boxes. This is a thing that many people do not think of when sorting their items and packing them.  

Ask for help from your friends and family  

It can be important to ask for help from your friends and family members when you are sorting through your things. Having a third party opinion can help you decide if you really need the items that you are holding onto. You may find that most of your stuff can just be donated to charity instead of having to be stored.  

These are just a few of the many different tips that can help you when you are sorting through items before putting them into storage. You will want to have a good amount of time to really go through all your items before moving things.

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