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Moving Last Minute? Top Tips for Short Notice Relocations

Moving alone can seem terrifying. Add a short amount of time to do it in, and it can be a nightmare. After reading this, you’ll know just what you need to do. Relax, you can do this.  

Get Your Home Ready  

The last thing you want to do is try to pack a house that has dirty dishes, clothes that need to be washed, and things that need to be put away. Don’t focus on shampooing the carpet right now or anything major.  

You just want to make sure your home is in good order to pack everything up in an efficient way. Once you have this squared away, you can decide what to get rid of and what to keep.  

Donate Whatever You Don’t Want and Don’t Need  

If there is anything, you don’t want or don’t need, consider whether you want to take it with you. It’s hard to pack, move and unpack things that serve little use to you. It will cost you extra in gasoline to move them, and time is of the essence right now.  

If you have some wiggle room, you could consider selling these items. If you need to move quickly, you should just donate them. Hold onto your donation slip. You can claim them on your taxes.  

Start Getting Supplies  

Head over to any store and ask for free boxes. Many stores will give them away after they stock the shelves at night. If you’re loading up a pickup truck, you’ll need straps and other kinds of ties. You will need padding in the truck bed for large items and wood furniture.  

For any move, permanent markers, heavy-duty tape, and scissors come in handy. You’ll need padding in your boxes of some sort. You can use clothing and towels, but it’s always wise to have newspaper and other types of padding on hand.  

Start Packing  

Go room by room. Box up all of your fragile items first, making sure to have adequate padding around all of them. Wrap each item, and then place extra cushioning between these items. For everything else, group like items together in a box to make for easy unpacking once you reach your destination.  

With belongings that can’t be damaged or scuffed, you don’t have to be terribly careful with them. Clearly mark all of your boxes with the room the items are going into and what each box contains on multiple sides.  

Call Professional Movers  

If you have too much stuff to move, it would be wise to call a professional Riverside moving company. They can load up your entire house within a matter of hours. If you want to do it yourself, make sure to get help. You will want to load up your truck in a certain way.  

Even though you have a short amount of time, you want to be careful where you can. If you know the layout of your new home, the items intended for the rooms closest to the entryway of your new home should be at the front of the truck.  

Load up items intended for the furthest rooms from the entryway of the new home in the back of the truck. This will make unloading the truck easy to do.  

Cleanup Time  

You’ll want to vacuum and wipe things down. Use plaster to close up any holes you have in the walls. Hire a professional cleaning company if you have huge stains in your carpets or otherwise need help. They can come in and clean your entire home within a few hours, and you won’t have to hassle with worry or a late night of little sleep.  

While it’s a lot to do, bear in mind that it will soon be over. You can relax at the new place. Just be sure to put aside everything you’ll need for the first few days. Remember to not worry for anything.

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