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What to Know When Planning a Move Across the Country

Moving an entire household across the country is a task not many look forward to. Moving costs are often expensive, and packing the entire house is time-consuming. Although you will find yourself wanting to procrastinate, you must make yourself work on packing and arranging for household movers months ahead of time. Here’s a guide to planning your move: 

Begin Two Months Before Your Planned Moving Date  

Many people tend to underestimate how early they need to begin packing before moving. When you’re moving cross country, you need to begin packing even earlier because the process involves more planning and contemplation on what to bring versus what not to bring. The last thing you want is to stress yourself out the final week with rushing to pack everything. Begin the packing process at least two months before your planned moving date.  

Thoroughly clean your house and determine what you want to keep, sell, donate, and throw out. The more pieces of large furniture you leave behind, the better because it saves money.  

Assess What You Can Easily Replace After the Move  

Ask yourself if there is any large furniture that would be cheaper to buy again after you’ve moved in comparison to paying a mover to transport it for you. Consult with several moving companies to get a good idea of how much it will cost, so you can more easily make the decision on which furniture to bring with you.  

Self-Moving is Only Recommended for Local Moves  

Don’t attempt self-moving when you’re moving across the country. It will be too stressful and likely more expensive. You may accidentally break things along the way. Professional cross-country movers have experience with transporting items long distances. They know how to pile everything into the truck correctly.  

If you plan on hauling a moving trailer of your own, pack the heaviest items on the bottom and set the lightest boxes on top. Pad any furniture and electronics to protect them from damage. Aim to pack the truck with as little space left between boxes as possible. This minimizes jostling around as the truck moves through turns and changes speed.  

Pack Correctly to Prevent Your Stuff from Breaking  

When packing your boxes, you should always tape the bottoms and sides before adding anything inside them. Also, add bubble wrap or padding to the bottom of the box if it’s going to be used for fragile items. If there are any spaces left in a box, fill them with padding to protect the items from damage. Without padding, the stuff will move around in the box.  

Write “fragile” on the outside of the boxes that have delicate items inside. Also, write a reminder of what items are inside the box to make it easier on you during unpacking at your new home.  

Planning well is key to moving across the country with minimal stress. You want to start off on the right foot in your new home, so make sure to do your planning months in advance. Begin packing no later than two months before your moving date. Take as few items as possible with you, and hire a good moving company for your heaviest items.

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