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Guide to Utility Companies and Costs in Riverside CA

The Riverside, CA community prides itself in being able to provide a lively lifestyle that can easily suit your personal and professional commitments. It is dotted with various spaces and parks and thriving institutions that can suit people of all ages. The community is also highly committed to arts and culture.  

If you are planning to relocate to this bustling city, you will want to know about its service providers, as well as the average costs per residence. Currently, Riversides Public Utility is charged with the responsibility of supplying water and electricity services to more than three hundred people living in the city. Services on offer include:  

1. Water

Water and sewage service are provided by the Riverside Public Utilities companies. Each month, the company retrieves a reading from the water meter installed in your residence. You can identify the reading period by looking at the Total Charges indicated on the water bill sent to you.  

To start or stop this service, all you have to do is fill in the forms found here. On average, locals pay about $35 a month for their water bill.  

2. Electricity

Electricity, as mentioned earlier is also supplied by RPU. To determine how much is to be paid each month, the company retrieves a reading from your meter, in the same manner, it does with your water bill. The reading is then used to calculate your average kilowatt per hour.  

Billing is currently founded on the usage that has been assigned to each tier, as each tier has its own set service rates. You need to fill in a form to start, stop, or transfer the service. Currently, monthly rates stand at $87 per month.  

3. Trash

There are two types of trash service providers in Riverside. There are residential and commercial haulers. The city has only authorized three commercial trash hauling companies, which include Athens Services, Burtec Waste industries, and CR&R waste industries.  

The rates depend on the number of pickups being made per week as well as the type of trash that is being hauled. Commercial rates start at $16.27 per week. For residential pickups, residents are advised to call 311 for more information on the company that is supposed to pick up the trash as well as details on when this will happen. 

4. Internet/Cable

Riverside is currently served by two primary wired providers: AT&T and Charter Spectrum. Both companies offer services that extend to many parts of the city. The Southern California Telephone Company also provides fixed wireless services to interested residents. Its services cover a large part of the city.  

There are a total of 22 internet providers in the city. Of these, eight provide residential services. All one has to do to activate the service is to identify a company that is located close to their zip code and make a call. The monthly internet rates start at $50 per month depending on the download speeds.  

5. Gas

SoCalGas is the leading gas provider in Riverside. The company transmits gas in two types of pipes: light blue and dark blue. Light blue pipes are used to deliver small gas volumes in pressures not exceeding 60psi. Dark blue pipes are for large gas volumes that operates on high pressures exceeding 200psi.  

You need to call the company to have your service started or stopped. As for the rates, they are mainly dependent on three factors: public purpose surcharge, transportation costs, and procurement costs. Although the rates are regulated by the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission), your gas bill will also be dependent on your usage. 

Hopefully, with the help of our guide, you can have your utilities switched on well before your moving service arrives. Lights and water will go a long way towards making your transition smooth.

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